5 Things That Make Jayapura Now More Metropolis

Jayapura Metropolis

TruePapua.com – As the capital of Papua province with dense local government activities, Jayapura, in recent years continued to grow rapidly in terms of the economy to infrastructure.
The emergence of new brands in Jayapura also made the city more hectic than it was10 years back. Jayapura community, currently has more entertainment options outside the home in addition to travel to places of natural attractions course.
These 5 things that make this city more metropolis now:

  1. The first cinema Papua in Jayapura
    It is no secret anymore that the presence Mall Cinema XXI in Jayapura since November 2013 and made the young people Jayapura closer to the world of feature films. Those who have families were frequently present at the XXI Mall in Jayapura when the latest movie was being aired.
  2. “Shall we hang out, huh… ??”
    Jayapura also now has many choices of cafes to hang out. Say Phoenam Cafes, Coffee Excelso, Angelous Café, up until a franchise of Bangi Kopitiam Malaysian became a newcomer in Jayapura.

Office meetings that want to present a relaxed atmosphere could choose these places as an alternative meeting point. Of course also for those who want to meet friends, business associates, to the beloved, right?

  1. Incoming Brand-National Brand
    In addition to cafes, national brands such as Hypermart and Matahari Department Store also have a presence in Jayapura as an enhancer of choice in shopping center Mall of Jayapura.
  2. Star Hotels

Previously there was only the Swiss-Belhotel which was the first four-star hotel and the only one in Jayapura. But now two other five-star hotels, namely Aston and Hotel Horizon enliven the downtown area of ​​the city of Jayapura.
The ones mentioned above does not include some other hotels such as Hotel Yasmin and Grand Abe Hotels also be other alternatives Inn guests from out of town.

  1. Airport Service
    Services at Sentani airport appear to continually increase. Not only the services in the adorned waiting rooms, outside services such as public transport also started to follow the service in several major cities with the availability of the airport’s official taxi.
    The transportation department is also providing several Damri units to serve passengers from Sentani Airport to the city center. Obviously with that are affordable.




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