Papua Prepares 18 Park City Designs

Danau Kali Biru Numfor, Biak

BIAK, – The Environment Agency for the Government District Numfoor of Biak, Papua, prepared 18 municipal park designs for the implementation of environmental management programs Biak green, beautiful, and comfortable.

“The agency will help in the structuring of the city park, so if there are community groups, state or local government, and community organizations interested in establishing community gardens, we are ready to assist preparation of the design,” said the Head of the Environment Agency of  Biak regency, Noemfoor ZR Mailoa in Biak, Friday (22/01/2016).

He said that in 2015 and 2016, Biak regency of Noemfoor programmed the construction of city parks in an effort to beautify the face of the city and surrounding Biak. Various locations in Biak city park which are under construction, are spread over Biak Kota District and District Samofa.

“The function of the city as a playground park is also a place of education for the children of early age in realizing environmental management healthy, clean, and comfortable,” said Mailoa.

Touching on acquisition targets Verse 2016, according Mailoa, as instructed, Regent Thomas Ondy in 2016 Biak Numfor must retain the title of the cleanest city as a small town.

“For Biak to achieve Adipura , the community must safeguard the environment and the need to dispose of waste in containers prepared location Noemfoor Biak regency,” he said.

He hopes, that the first assessment to Biak Noemfoor clean city will be held at the beginning of the first week in February 2016 such that the citizens of Biak had to keep the environment clean.

Based on data from a city park that is being built by Pemkab Biak, inlcude the ones in Jalan Muhammad Yamin (Airport area Frans Kiaispo), these two sites for city parks at the junction of Jalan Yos Sudarso (front PT Telkom), the junction terminals former old market at Jalan Sriwijaya Manoduw District Samofa.




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