Jayawijaya Soldiers Provide Aid in Papua Landslide


Jayapura (ANTARA News) – The Jayapura Distict Military Command (Kodim) 1702, Regional Military Command (Kodam) XVII Cendrawasih has dispatched 20 soldiers to the location of a landslide in Poga district, Tolikara regency, Papua to aid in the disaster management (15/2).

District commander, Lieutenant Colonel Muhammad Aidi, in a press release received by Antara in Jayapura, Monday morning, stated that the personnel were dispatched to help in the aftermath of the landslide disaster in Poga district, Tolikara regency, which led to the Wamena-Tolikara-Puncak main Trans-road being paralyzed.

“As a result of prolonged rain in the last few days, the Wamena-Tolikara road collapsed at the 70 km mark, at a depth of 10 metres, with around 40-50 metres of road being damaged,” stated Muhammad Aidi.

The road, he added, is located on a mountainside, with a river underneath separating the road from Poga village.

“The stretch of road connected the districts of Tolikara regency, which borders Bolakme district, Jayawijaya regency, where the road’s construction is fragile, since it was built on the mountainside,” he added.

On the other side is a cliff passed by a river that sometimes overflows and causes flooding from non-stop rain.

“Therefore, on the orders of the Cendrawasih commander, we sent the soldiers directly to the field to help manage and rebuild the broken road,” he said.

“The soldiers were led by Staff Sergeant Yacob Rumpang and First Sergeant Raison. Hopefully, with the additional personnel, the economic gears in Tolikara regency can move again and does not significantly impact the communities living in Tolikara and Puncak Jaya regencies,” he said.

Tolikara regional Secretary Dance Yulian Flassy, who surveyed the location, requested the assistance from Kodam XVII/Cenderawasih to manage the emergency situation to provide assistance to the people and for economic activities as well as the flow of people and goods to and from Wamena can return to normal.

“The road is not only the vein of Tolikara, it is also the only road used by two and four-wheeled vehicles going to Puncak and Puncak Jaya. If it is not immediately repaired, the economy and development in Tolikara and Puncak Jaya will be paralyzed,” he said.

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