PLN Construct Two Power Plants in Papua


Seorang teknisi melakukan perawatan instalasi kabel listrik di Jakarta, Selasa (19/4). Kenaikan tarif listrik untuk pelanggan 900 Volt Ampere (VA) per 1 Juli 2016 berpotensi menimbulkan protes di masyarakat. Sebab, kenaikan tidak berlaku menyeluruh bagi pelanggan 900 VA. Pemerintah masih akan memberi subsidi bagi sekitar empat juta dari total 22 juta pelanggan 900 VA saat ini. KONTAN/Fransiskus Simbolon/19/04/2016

JAKARTA – Minister for Energy and Mineral Resources, Sudirman Said has declared the Program Indonesia Terang (Bright Indonesia Program) or PIT which aims to increase the supply of electricity up to the mountainous regions in West Papua, namely Temel Sosian village in Maybrat Regency.

The government’s plan to provide electricity to this lagging area is part of the 35.000 Megawatt (MW) electricity construction program.

This is to increase the ratio of for national electrification until 2019. To support the program, the government will construct infrastructure including solar and micro-hydro power plants with a capacity of 9.4 MW as well as provide Rp. 44 billion in funding.

“The budget may be small, but it will be significant in illuminating the Eastern part of Indonesia in addition to spurring more investment,” stated Sudirman in his written statement on Thursday (21/4).

Currently, 12.659 villages or 16% of Indonesia’s villages are considered lagging due to lack of access to electricity from the State Electricity Company (PLN) grid. Therefore, PIT will target 2.527.469 heads of families (KK) with a total population of 9.970.286 people. “With the support of Rp. 80 trillion in funds, 10.300 villages will receive electricity by the end of 2019,” added Sudirman.

For the Papua and West Papua provinces, there are currently 18 regencies without electricity, namely Pegunungan Bintang, Tolikara, Yahukimo, Puncak Jaya, Lanny Jaya, Mamberamo Raya, Mamberamo Tengah, Puncak, Nduga, Intan Jaya, Yalimo, Supiori, Paniai, Dogiyai, Deiyai, Teluk Wondama, Tambraw, dan Maybrat.

Micro-Hydro Power

Currently, electricity from PLN has not reached Maybrat regency, which covers 41 districts, and the capital, Kumurken. The nearest to the PLN grid is 15 kilometres. For lighting, the people still rely on generators which are distributed by the Maybrat regency government.

The Wilkmakh micro-hydro power plant constructed by the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources is an example of harnessing local energy for electricity. Above the Soan River, whose waters never recede even in the dry season, two 280 KWP hydro power plants have been built.

The two units are able to power 174 homes in 4 villages in the Ayamary Jaya district namely Temel, Sosian, Soan, and Warbo.

In 2016, the ministry will also build three solar power plants in Maybrat regency, specifically in West Aifa district. The three are planned to power 12 villages, namely Bori, Bori Timur, Bori Selatan, Bori Utara, Bori Barat, Kocuas, Kocuas Utara, Kocuas Timur, Kokas, Kocuer, Kokas Selatan, dan Fait Sawe.


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