A New Alternative to Managing Papua’s Special Autonomy


TRUEPAPUA – JAKARTA – The Special Autonomy in effect in Papua and West Papua has been deemed by several parties to have fallen short of being a success. Some have even claimed that Special Autonomy to be a waste, since so much money has been invested in Papua while there is no visible improvement in people’s welfare. This is strange considering most of the regencies in Papua have received the ‘Reasonable without Exception’ (WTP) rating from BPK, the Audit Board of Indonesia (source: BPK report).

The Secretary General of the Papua Council, M. Thaha Alhamid stated that the Papua province needs a Special Autonomy Office. This is because currently, the Special Autonomy funds and the regional budget (APBD) are managed together even though as much as Rp. 53 trillion is considered separate funds. This is why the people in Papua have trouble seeing tangible benefits from

He adds that so far there is no body or agency that can handle the monitoring and distribution of Special Autonomy funds in a systematic manner. There is no Special Autonomy implementation structure; there is only the National Human Rights Commission (Komnas HAM). How could there be when the policy is decentralized while the officials behave in a centralized manner?

This was stated during a focused group discussion on the implementation of the Special Autonomy Law in Aceh, Papua, and Yogyakarta held by House of Representatives’ Monitoring Team held in parliament on Monday (13/6)

Regarding the WTP ratings received by the regencies in Papua, Thaha stated that while the regents must be happy with the rating, it does not reflect the reality in the field. Development in Papua uses the Growth-centred Strategy where development progresses but the people do not.

The government does not use the People-centred Strategy which focuses on the development of human quality. In addition, the behaviour of bureaucrats needs to be reformatted.

“So far, the money from Special Autonomy has been enjoyed by regional officials but has not been felt by the people in Papua,” he added.

Source: http://papuanews.id/2016/06/14/alternatif-baru-mengelola-otsus-papua/

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