Trade Minister Launches ‘Proudly Brewing Papuan Coffee’ Program


TRUEPAPUA – JAKARTA – The Papuan province possesses world-class coffee potential and is one of Indonesia’s most popular coffee producing regions other than Gayo, Mandailing, Java, Toraja, Sumatra, and Sulawesi coffee.

This was stated by Indonesian Trade Minister Thomas Lembong during the launch of the “Proudly Brewing Papuan Coffee’ program at Dogiyai regency, Papua last weekend.

The minister, according to the Papuan Province Plantation Service, has noted 16 coffee farmers in Papua who are spread out in various regencies namely Jayawijaya, Tolikara, Lanny Jaya, Pegunungan Bintang, and Dogiyai.

The launch is also an important part of the ‘Papua Work and Excel Movement’ which is one of the Papua Working Group’s programs, which is fully supported by the Trade Minister.

During the launch, which was followed by a number of coffee experts along with the central government, they were asked to educate on the techniques of growing, post-harvest processing, and marketing.

“The education and empowerment is beneficial for improving the welfare of farmers in order to be more optimal. We know that consumers are willing to pay a high price for good coffee, but unfortunately farmers are not too knowledgeable of the market prices for coffee,” the minister added.

Dogiyai regency has 10 sub-districts, all of which have coffee potential but have not maximized production. In this regency, the minister witnessed firsthand the coffee drying facilities, as well as the process of coffee production from start to finish.

Currently, the process of coffee processing in Dogiyai still uses traditional methods. Any machines used are from Dutch colonial times and have not been modernized.

The drying and peeling are still done manually. The coffee is still roasted with stoves and pounded. The coffee plantation in Dogiyai was originally run by Dutch missionaries in the 1890s, during which most Dogiyai people were coffee farmers.

As time went by, the community started to abandon coffee-growing and became construction workers to earn money faster. Previously, the minister also visited a coffee plantation in Tolikara regency and talked with coffee entrepreneurs there.

The minister hopes that Papuan coffee can become the pride of the Papuan community and become a commodity that can improve the welfare of the Papuan people.


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