Papuan Communities Reject the Presence of KNPB and ULMWP


Papua (10/7/16) – All Papuan communities namely  the Saireri, Mamta, La Pago, Me Pago, Ha Anim, Domberai and Momberai communities firmly reject the presence of the West Papua National Committee (KNPB) and the United Liberation Movement of West Papua (ULMWP) anti-development groups.

Both are considered illegal organizations for fragmenting the unity of the Republic of Indonesia. The KNPB and ULMWP frequently spread disinformation, particularly in the international arena and seek to deceive the people to not support the government’s development of Papua. Both groups aim to make Papua isolated by spreading issues of human rights violations and distortion of historical facts to the Papuan people.

Their goals are amoral and dirty since they are only interested in furthering the interests of their own groups instead of those of the Papuan people, who are being used as political pawns to gain money and power. The Papuan people are not stupid and gullible however, which is why the seven groups are rejecting the presence of these and other groups who do nothing but cause disorder in Papua and go against Indonesian unity.

All the groups say that Papua is already free within Indonesia, so what do the KNPB and ULMWP want? The Papuan people want to be free from ignorance, with a good standard of living, and having better welfare so that Papua can be more prosperous and equal with other Indonesian provinces.

It is an undeniable act that the issues spread by the two groups are purely public deception and distortion of facts. Even the local Papuan media has been bought to disseminate their lies to the detriment of the Papuan people. To show their firm rejection, the groups burned the morning star flag and logo of the KNPB.

This rejection has also been reported by local and national media. The groups have also requested the provincial government and police to disband the organizations if they do not want the people to take matters into their own hands and act against them.

The Papuan Council, the umbrella organization of the seven aforementioned groups, are requesting the people to not be easily provoked by issues of Papuan independence spread by irresponsible groups because Papua is still part of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia.


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