Papua Govenor Meets Yogyakarta Governor, Urges Papuan Students to Commit to their Studies


PAPUA, – Papua Governor Lukas Enembe, accompanied by Papuan regents and staff conducted a visit to Yogyakarta on Wednesday (03/08). As part of the agenda, the Papuan officials visited Yogyakarta Governor Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono X, as well as Papuan students in Yogyakarta to discuss the anarchic demonstration which happened recently.

Sultan Hamengkubuwono X assured the Papuan Governor that he guarantees that all students coming to Yogyakarta from the regions to study will be welcomed with open arms as long as they are here to study and not involve themselves with activities related to separatism, wishing for Papuan independence from the Unitary State of Indonesia.

The meeting between the two governors was closed and discussed steps to overcome sentiments against Indonesian unity that is detrimental to the future of Papuan youths.

Governor Enembe reminded the Papuan students in Yogyakarta to not focus on politics but rather develop their talents in the education field as best they can.

During the meeting with the students in Yogyakarta, Lukas Enembe urged the students to not involve themselves with the “Free Papua” conspiracy by irresponsible parties who wish to destroy Indonesian territorial sovereignty.

“If you wish to be free, go to school first. Education is very important. Last year we sent 252 students overseas. This year, the number of students going overseas totals 665,” said Enembe.

In addition, Enembe warned the Papuan students not to commit criminal acts involving drugs and alcohol.

“Drugs have become a problem in Papua. Focus on studying, education,” he said.

“I ask all students in Yogyakarta to stay away from alcohol and drugs, we have prohibited them in Papua,” he said when speaking at the Focused Group Discussion on Alternative Strategies for Accelerating Development in Papua and West Papua at the Gadjah Mada University on Wednesday (03/08)

The governor sees that many students are still consuming alcohol and thinks they must change themselves, especially if they have come all the way from Papua in order to study.

“No one in Indonesia is hindering you but you must adapt,” he added.


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