Government Must Build Telecommunications Infrastructure in East Indonesia


PAPUA, Telecommunication networks are much needed by people in the modern era, hard to reach areas are no exception. That is why the government must quickly build telecommunications infrastructure in the Eastern Indonesian Region, mainly in Papua and West Papua.

This statement was made by a Papuan figure, Velix Wanggai on Monday (29 August 2016). He finds the dynamics of development in Papua and West Papua for years and in the years to come to be very interesting.

“Investors need the assurance of telecommunication in various cities in isolated areas,” said Velix who once occupied a position in the Special Presidential Staff.

Velix admits that the telecommunication networks as of late are sufficient for the cities all over Papua. However, the capacity of the network is very limited or that the speed is till too slow.

Meanwhile from the operators, Telkomsel and another operator have been servicing the people of Papua all this time. “In relation to this, Telkomsel has become the dominant player,” said Velix.

He conveyed what has become homework is the small isolated areas, deep areas and small islands that do not yet have a telecommunication network. “We hope that this issue will have the attention of the government and the operators in Papua,” said Velix.

He judges that the government needs to formulate a policy incentive for telecommunication operators, such as field usage license, ease of license process, budget cooperation with the local government in creating a BTS in the inner regions as well as tax incentives to those who invest in the difficult to accesss inner regions. Such was conveyed to give maximum benefits in opening up isolated areas to government, education and health services.

“Paramedics, health workers, farm workers as well as members of the security forces who are working in the inner regions will be much more comfortable and less homesick because they will be supported by a sufficient telecomunications networks” concluded Velix.

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