Fire Engulfs RI-PNG Border Market


JAYAPURA, – Fire has engulfed a market in the RI –PNG border (Marketing Point) located in Skouw, Muara Tami District, Jayapura on Saturday (27/08) at 18.20 Eastern Indonesia Time. The fire was believed to be caused by a short circuit.

The fire started from a kiosk owned by Ms. Ida (45) which then spread to the next kiosk, it was suspected that the fire was caused by an electrical short circuit. In the past few days, several cases of electrical fires have been observed.

According to Mungkara (37) the people converge around the market watching the fire which was thought to have started in a structure owned by Ms. Ida which was constructed from wooden boards and plywood, making it was easy for the fire to spread.

“The fire came out of Ms. Ida’s kiosk, the structure was made of wood so the fire spread quickly,” explained Mungkara.

Witnessing the events, residents scrambled to seek assistance and report to the closest security post. Several personel from security post Yonif 1222 headed to the location and tried to extinguish the fire however the fire grew because of the wind and the lack of water.

From the impossible situation, residents tried to move their belongings that could still be saved. At 20.40 Indonesian Eastern Time the fire died on its own after engulfing as many as 178 structures both permanent and semi-permanent.

The losses caused by the fire are estimated to be in the millions of rupiah. Meanwhile fire trucks were unable to reach the location due to a vehicle malfunction experienced in the Abe Beach area.

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