Refusing to Support KNPB, A Lower House Member Was Abused Till He Died


MANOKWARI,  –  A member of the lower house from West Papua was found dead full of blood with wounds all over his body, Friday (25/8).

This incident took place after the said member of lower house known as Minus Yowen (41) refused to give support funds for a demonstration of an Anti Papua Development Group which was scheduled to take place on Sunday (28/8) coordinated by National Committee for West Papua (KNPB).

According to a witness, who was a neighbor of the victim said that Minus was visited by a group of unknown individuals at his home in SP 6 Masni District, Manokwari Regency, West Papua. They were wearing red with the text “Lawan” (Fight!), several among them had accessories that hat the “evening star” as a motif, which associated with KNPB. “I saw plenty of people wearing red with “evening star” patterns in the house of Mr. Minus,” said the witness to Papua News.

Not long after the witness saw that, a commotion was heard going on inside the house. Minus who refused to give support to the KNPB was abused in his own home without any struggle, meanwhile the witness contacted the Manokwari police headquarters for help.

Manokwari Chief of Police, Christian Roni Putra whom we contacted on cellphone confirmed the event. When police arrived the perpetrators have already fled the scene.

“Yes, it is true, yesterday I received report of abuse by a group of  unknown people identified as members of the KNPB who caused a member of the lower house from Manokwari to die on the way to the hospital,” said the police chief.

A resident, named Albert Yowen who is a colleague of the victim and was willing to give us details in condemning the acts of the KNPB and asks the police to arrest the perpetrators as well as disbanding the organization.

“They have to be apprehended and punished to the maximum. If need be, police should dismantle this useless organization,” he stressed.

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