Governor of Papua: We are Indonesians; no one is calling for independence.


JAKARTA, – The Governor of Papua, Mr. Lukas Enembe raised the matter of the Papua separatist group, the United Liberation Movement for West Papua (ULMWP). Lukas stated that for him it was more important to focus on ensuring the welfare of Papuans than to waste energy on responding to such groups.

Lukas stated that the ULMWP has nothing to do with the provincial government of Papua. Because such a group is more interested in playing diplomacy in the international arena.

“They (i.e. ULMWP) are not our concern (i.e. Provincial Government). They meddle in issues of international relations and diplomacy and these are matters of foreign policy. Therefore, we have no authority nor capacity to address it”, said Lukas when being met at the presidential palace, Jakarta, Thursday (20/10/2016).

Lukas underlined that the focus of the provincial government of Papua at this moment was to bring prosperity for the people of Papua.

“We have the capacity to promote programs that create prosperity for the people of Papua. Whereas the ULMWP activities are a matter for International Diplomacy,” he said.

In relation to some individuals in Papua who are involved in ULMWP, Lukas also stressed that such (matter) is not the concern of the Provincial Government of Papua.

“There are individuals struggling abroad and have nothing to do with us” Lukas affirmed

So, is Indonesia’s sovereignty and territorial integrity non negotiable?

“(Indonesia’s sovereignty and territorial integrity) Its not just non negotiable, but we have stated earlier that– Papua is PART of this country (Indonesia). So we hope to focus on how to make our people as Indonesian Citizens. We want that, and we must be fair for them (Papuans). Just like yesterday, when the price of fuel became equal, we feel that we are Indonesians,” Lukas answered.

Lukas also underscored that there are no Papuans that wants to be independent from Indonesia. Because Indonesia is already independent and Papua is Indonesia.

“That is absolute (the people of Papua do not want to be independent). We are already an independent state ; Indonesia has already gained its independence (country). There is nobody in Papua calling for independence,” he said.



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